Welcome to Void!

Void a discord/DA camp created by Gumbo aka Key. This is a competition camp like survivor where you make up a object character, sign up, and start competing in a season. It could be a comic, drawing, or even an animation, you have to make a scenario with your character and depending on what you're being scored on your goal to place high!

What's Going On Right Now?

Currently we're in season 2 of void which takes place on both discord and DA:

Our Current players right now are

Candy Spray, RoboCat, Pixel Galaxy, Plank, Division Sign, Broomy, Soda Diet, Enye, PWC, Cream Egg, Sachet, Pencil Pusher, Candley, TPosey, Jini, Universe Chocolate Bar, TopHat Sr, Meteor, Poison Ivy, ChloroPhyte.

We hope you enjoy your stay

Latest activity

Current Competing Contestants

Void s2 by gumbygumbo-dcovxlv

Season 2 Group Picture

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